Fed Cup :work hard, play hard, have fun

We arrived saved and well in Bucarest where we stay for a week in total for our Fed Cup competition. We had a first practice to get a first impression of the surface and also of the stadium. It’s a nice and compact with seats in velor, something that you don’t see much these days… But what you defiantly don’t see anywhere is someone removing the hair of the tennis balls on the ground with a net. We are staying in a beautiful hotel, a bit old fashioned but classy and the food is perfect. The people from the organization are very nice and one of them is a tennis player from my generation. It’s nice to be back again and meet people I haven’t seen for a long time.


Today, we had our press conference with a lot of journalists but no one for Belgium. We just had 3 questions to answer and that was it. Not a very long press conference for the first time as captain, so we decided to bring some fun in this serious part with a crazy picture.


Tomorrow, we gonna have some more practice with the team. The girls are working very hard to get ready for the weekend. It’s gonna be a difficult meeting but I am very confident the way they play. We may not be favorite on paper, we have nothing to loose and the most important we are extremely motivated to win this meeting. Fingers crossed and most important nothing is impossible!


On Thursday, we have the traditional official dinner where both teams are introduced, the presidents make their official speeches but also the captains of each team. It means that I will have for the first time as captain the honor to speech in front of everybody. In Belgium, we have also a tradition. Each new member in the team has to speech and this time the Belgian team has 5 new members = 5 speeches. Hopefully, it won’t last forever ;-). Official dinner means also official dinner clothes. Our team is proud to have as official sponsor Riverwoods and we have received gorgeous clothes for this meeting. I can’t wait to share this with you in my next blog.


Next update: official draw ceremony on Friday.



















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