YES we did it!!!

I can’t believe we did it! What an amazing weekend, what an experience!!! It was like to be on an emotional roll coaster during 2 days. I am so proud of my team, the girls fought like lions and the staff did a great job helping the players the best they could. We were a team, we were ONE and you could see it on the court.

During the all week, the girls practiced hard and prepared themselves to battle against strong opponents. We were not favorite in the tie but we had nothing to loose. On Thursday, we had our official dinner where both teams get introduced for the first time. Riverwoods is our new sponsor and we received amazing clothes. Made in Belgium and dressed to impressed !!! This was also the time for speeches, exchange of presents but also the moment for rookie speeches. It’s a tradition within the team; each new member has to say something during the official dinner but this time we were 5 to say something. Dieter, Laurence, Elise, Maryna and myself were new so we had to say something. As Captain I was the first to talk to everybody but I had a good introduction thanks to Ilie Nastase. A few minutes before, He told me he would never get married with me because I was not half of his age so I used this as my introduction to break the ice. But we, Ilie and me, got along very well until the matches started. We got divorced a few times during the matches but finally we did shake hands…

On Friday, we had the official draw ceremony at the hotel. Both teams were introduced to the press but the most important, we would finally know who had to play on the first day and who would play first. It was a big surprised for us all that the Romanian team didn’t choose their first player on Saturday. A tactic that finally didn’t work out thanks to the great fight of Kirsten and Yanina on Saturday. ceremonie-vrijdag

On Saturday and Sunday, the girls gave all they had and were fighting like they would die on the court. The fighting spirit and the fantastic atmosphere within the team made the difference at the end. They gave everything and they deserved to win. After that, it was time to celebrate but also time for the players to do what they wanted if we won: Put some make up on the 2 only men within the team… I am wondering what’s gonna happen next time we win 😉


See you all next time in Russia…But now, time for me to enjoy and most of all to recover for the next time 🙂


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