Fed Cup 2017: Here we go

This is it! The moment I expected the most since a few months. I am back on track but this time as Fed Cup captain. I am so proud to become the new captain and being able to live again this amazing competition. I just loved so much to play for my country and Fed Cup was always an objective every season I played. It’s like a dream come true…


This Saturday we had our first practice with the team. Unfortunately, Elise had some problem at her leg and we didn’t want to take any risk before leaving to Romania. An-Sophie came instead so we could play some double and have already an idea which team could be a good choice. Double can be underestimate but can make the difference to win or loose the competition. The atmosphere was good, the players were relaxed and motivated for this new Fed Cup meeting.

First time together means also new members. Laurence Courtois becomes the new technical and my right arm; Dieter Calle, the stringer is joining our team also for the first time. Dieter is also in the Davis Cup team for many years and the girls asked to have him as well in the team. Elise and Maryna are playing for the first time in Fed Cup so we can really talk about a new team with a twist of experienced players such as Yanina and Kirsten.

New team and new outfit!!! Thanks to Kirsten, we received some pretty clothes from her new collection « Deux belges » cool outfit and very feminine which changes a lot compare to the one I used to wear in the past. The Belgian Fed Cup team will be for sure the coolest one on court :-). But not only on court because Riverwoods became our new sponsor for our official dinner and we will all look very classy. I will post more pictures in a few days when we will have our official dinner with the team.

Tomorrow we are flying form Charleroi to Bucharest and we will have our first practice on site in the afternoon. I keep you posted and will post more news on my blog during the week. I really hope we can reach the same results as the men from the Davis Cup team. I am sure all players are extremely motivated and willing to create sensation!!! Cheers

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